Sr Advisor

E-mail: kenneth.lundell@thecouncil dot se

Banker, Compliance and financial regulation specialist.



Senior Banker with +20 years’ experience from Internal Audit functions as well as Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Global responsible for audit in SEB Card. Member of Trygg-Hansa A/S control committee. In Swedish FSA responsible for day to day supervision of Banks and Financial institutions.


Internal Audit, Governance and Guidelines specialist with an in-depth knowledge of the current regulatory best practises. Fit and proper assessments of Executive Boards and Board of Directors for banks and financial institutions while at the Swedish FSA. Profound understanding of future regulatory changes and implication for financial institutions in the Scandinavian countries.

Major professional achievements:

Participate in building a global internal audit function within SEB Card in the Nordic countries. Coordinate, planning and set global audit guidelines, audit practice in a global organization. Participate within the Swedish FSA to develop standards in supervision for banks and financial institutions according to the regulation Basel II.