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Financial reporting has undergone a recent evolutionary explosion due to new standards and regulations. Finance and Risk functions work closely together to provide the new, complex external reporting. Meanwhile, capital and liquidity requirements on business lead to strong internal demand for risk-adjusted, multi-dimensional performance steering.

Senior advisors from The Council have hands-on experience of demands in financial reporting and how financial and risk elements are intertwined. Our seasoned experts have a holistic perspective across finance, risk and IT, combined with a senior management and board view. This enables us to support our clients from management strategy to operative detail.

Examples of activities where we add value:

  • Project leadership in Finance and Risk challenges.
  • New accounting standards and regulatory reporting requirements – interpretation, solution design, data, system, and process.
  • Finance and risk RegTech & IT – requirements analysis, vendor screening and negotiation, implementations.
  • Finance operating models, outsourcing and shared service solutions, transformational change, and cost-reduction.
  • Governance, internal control and compliance frameworks.
  • Regulatory / supervisory advisory and advocacy.
  • Diagnostic reviews, investigations, board reports, remediation solutions.
The Council - Governance

Finansiella, operativa och marknadsrelaterade risker kan äventyra alla verksamheter på kort
eller lång sikt.
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Intern styrning och kontroll (Governance)
och regelefterlevnad (Compliance) har under senare år blivit ett allt viktigare fokusområde
för styrelse och ledning.
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Att skapa och utveckla vinnande strategier är en sak. Att genomföra dessa strategier innebär en helt annan utmaning.
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