Sr Advisor

E-mail: anders.lundgren@thecouncil dot se

Banker, IT professional and outsourcing specialist.



Senior banker with more than 25 years’ experience in managing organisations and projects; specializing in IT Sourcing, Vendor Management, Contract Management, System evaluations, procurement and company assessments.


Good negotiating skills and adept at maintaining vendor contracts while keeping focus on delivering projects on time and on budget. Extensive experience as a multicultural manager with international teams in the Baltics, UK, Ireland and Germany. IT Procurement advisor specialised in complex IT systems.

Major professional achievement:

Responsible for the procurement of a new core banking system for SEB Group. Established SEB’s “Framework for IT Sourcing” which reduced project risk and IT spending. Successful re-selection of vendor and re-negotiated Term & Conditions for the replacement of existing Hardware for SEB’s Lithuania core system. The establishment of two completely new data centres resulted in substantial cost reduction for the SEB Lithuania.